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Snowfly Charters

25 Cady St. Coventry RI 02816
Block Island RI 02807


We Fish the following areas
Block Island, RI
Narragansett Bay

Watch Hill, RI

Montauk, NY
Fishers Island, NY    Newport, RI            Cape Cod Bay, MA

Snowfly Light Tackle & Fly Fishing Charters

 Block Island, Watch Hill, Newport, Montauk, Narragansett, Cape Cod Bay and Southern Rhode Island's Premier Light Tackle & Fly Fishing Guide Service.

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Block Island, Watch Hill, Newport, Narragansett, Cape Cod Bay, Montauk and Fishers Island Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Charter Guides in Rhode Island.


RI Captains Greg Snow and John Tondra are a light tackle and Fly Fishing charter guide service on  Block Island, Watch Hill, Newport, Narragansett, Cape Cod Bay, in Rhode Island.  Also Montauk Point and Fishers Island in New York.


If you are looking for the finest fly and light tackle fishing in Rhode Island then look no farther.  Capt. Greg Snow and Capt. John Tondra  would be honored to guide you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime.  Some of the most fertile and pristine coastline anywhere along the eastern  seaboard consists of the islands, bays and beaches of Rhode Island.    

              We follow the fish..

   Snowfly Charters will run trips from all points off Block Island, the mainland Rhode Island and over to Montauk Point during the fall run (Sept & Oct).  We will also run out of Cape Cod Bay for Bluefin Tuna.  We start taking charters in May as the annual migration of Striped Bass makes its way up to Narragansett Bay and Block Island.  Watch Hill Reef is also getting thick with squid at this time.  For those that are not familiar with fishing Block Island you are in for a real treat.  Some of the most beautiful  and uncrowded waters in southern New England surround the island.  The island is known for it's BIG striped bass.  The state record striper of 71 pounds caught on the south side of Block Island in 1980 was crushed with a 75 pound fish in August of 08'.  Most  Striped Bass are caught on surface flies and plugs. There is nothing like being witness to a monster Striped Bass blasting an artificial right in front of you!  There are always marauding, behemoth  bluefish to be had around Block island.  Bluefish will destroy topwater plugs with reckless abandon as well as jump and pull like the insane fish that they are. The Striped Bass get all the attention but Bluefish are a much better game fish and pound for pound one of the best in the world. Block Island is one of the premier points of departure for hunting Bluefin tuna and sharks.  5 to 15 miles off BI is all you have to travel to the tuna/shark fishing grounds.  Bonito and false albacore will generally show up in mid August and provide some of best light tackle fishing an angler can have.  I will also make runs in the fall to fish Montauk, the "Race" at fishers Island, Watch Hill, and Point Judith, Rhode Island.  Please contact me with any questions about customizing a trip.

Come fish RI's  Block Island, Newport, Narragansett, Cape Cod Bay on either our 23' Sea Craft or 23' Jones Bros. Also Watch Hill, Fishers Island and Montauk, NY

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Montauk Albie Video 

Will's Cow....

Earl with a nice Light Tackle Bluefin.










Latest Fishing Report

March 21, 2014 


  Captains Greg Snow & John Tondra would like to be the first ones to welcome you all out of the black hole that was this winter.  Absolutely brutal cold, howling northerlies and mountainous piles of snow was the theme over the past few months.  As cold and snowy as it's been, it very well may be a blessing in disguise for the 2014 fishing season.  How you ask?  Well when it's very cold over a given winter the upcoming fishing season seems to be more compact and condensed.   It's like up in Alaska where the season of life (summer) is so short that all creatures on land and in the sea erupt in a get it all now or die trying attitude.  Here in Southern New England the past two fishing seasons have been far from stellar.  A lot of that was due to unseasonably warm winters that took our targeted species out of their comfort zone.  Schools of Striped Bass were invading our waters earlier than normal and then moving on when they should be staying put.  Most likely this season the fish will show up later and stay through the summer, especially out on Block Island. The overall amount of precipitation we've had this winter will also effect the fishing.  The wetter the winter/spring, the more water there will be to fill up all the creeks, rivers bays and estuaries come April and May.  These conditions will make for higher water quality and good spawning for baitfish.   If this season is not very good it will be a sure sign of what state the Striped Bass population is really in.  A poorly managed fish such as the Striper will eventually be scarce and barley worth fishing for in the near future, I'm guessing 3-4 years.  This is unfortunately what we and most full time guides worth their salt think as well.  We preach catch and release to or clients, fishing buddies and anyone else that will listen to us.  John and I both have small children and are looking forward to getting our little ones on some great striper fishing once they're capable.   I truly believe that this will be a telltale season for what lies ahead for the Striped Bass.  Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope lawmakers will start protecting these remarkably valuable fish.  Once again this season Capt. John will be heading up our Block Island outfit and Capt. Greg will be running trips off the mainland.   We are getting lots of inquiries about spring fishing, mostly due to the epidemic of cabin fever going around.  We will let everyone know when it's game time and that the fish have shown in considerable numbers.   So dust off your gear, spin up some flies and start sharpening those hooks cause here we go!


Until next time,  Screaming reels & ripping tides!

 Capt. Greg Snow
 Capt. John Tondra




Dean and Brian saw massive Bass.

Stripers ripping it up at  the N. Rip.


Doug's 40 pounder.



Good times with Robert and his Pop at the RedBone in Montauk,NY.



Pete is proud of this fat girl...


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